Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

Hello, if you’re looking forward to immigrating to Canada in 2024, you’re making the right decision! 

Canada is surely a good place to migrate to, this is because it has one of the most accommodating workforces for both local and foreign talents. 

The country gives room for professional increase and economic growth and as well welcomes foreign skilled and unskilled workers with open arms. 

Don’t miss out;

For your satisfaction, this article contains the top 15 highest-paying jobs in Canada for immigrants in 2024, 

with relevant information like brief descriptions and requirements of each job, and salaries.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

 Read till the end to see which of the highest-paid jobs suits you. 

1. Medical Anesthesiologists. 

The first on my list are the medical anesthesiologists. 

This set of medical professionals administers drugs to prevent patients from feeling pain during surgical operations.

 They are responsible for the well-being of patients, before, during and after the surgical operations. 

A bachelor’s degree in medical anesthesiology and a valid license are usually a must-have requirement for this job. 

In Canada, medical anesthesiologists earn an annual average base salary of $391, 568.  

2. Cardiologists. 

Cardiologists diagnose assess and administer treatment to patients with diseases of the heart, and blood vessels.

 They look into the general health of the cardiovascular system.

 For this role, you must be a graduate of an approved medical school and have special training in this field. 

The annual average base salary of cardiologists in Canada is $386, 757.  

3. Surgeons. 

Surgeons are trained medical specialists who conduct surgical operations on patients to treat a variety of illnesses. 

They remove, replace or repair different parts of the patient’s body. 

To fit into this role, you must complete a degree in an approved medical school, have this special training and be issued a license. 

In Canada, the annual average base salary of surgeons is $378,634. 

4. Psychiatrists. 

Psychiatrists are medical practitioners who deal with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders by understanding the biological psychological, and social state of the patients. 

To qualify for this job, you must be trained in a medical school for at least four years and must complete at least a 4-year residency psychiatry training program. 

Psychiatrists in Canada earn an annual average base salary of $333,976.

5. Orthodontists. 

Orthodontists are dentists who focus on diagnosing, preventing tooth issues and treating dental-facial irregularities. 

These medical professionals have special training from dentists. 

A two to four-year pre-dentistry university degree and a license are required for this job. 

In Canada, the annual average base salary of orthodontists is $269,126.

6. Controllers. 

Controllers are the leaders of accounting teams. 

They maintain, manage, and present analysis for financial statements, payroll, budgets, tax compliance, 

among many other roles, and report to the chief financial officers, in big companies while they are the sole accountants in small companies. 

You need a bachelor’s degree in commerce, business administration or related fields for this job.

 The annual average base salary of controllers in Canada is $207,155.

7. Cloud Architects. 

Oh Canada

Cloud architects are professionals who oversee, plan, design, and as well the company’s cloud computing system.

 They oversee application architecture and execution in cloud environments including public, private and hybrid clouds.

 To qualify for this job in Canada, you are required to have at least a 5-year experience as a cloud solution architect in addition to a university degree in this field.

 The average base salary of cloud architects in Canada is $147,474 yearly.

8. Software Engineering Managers. 

Software engineering managers lead software programs and application development.

 They ensure all qualifications for the processes are duly met, and tender a report to their companies’ executives.

 A diploma or bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field and at least 5 years of experience are major requirements for this job.

 The salary for this job is $143,044 annually. 

9. Data Scientists. 

Data scientists employ statistics, scientific computing and methods, algorithms and systems in order to extract knowledge from unstructured data. 

To qualify for this job, you need a bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics or computer science.

 Data scientists in Canada earn an annual average base salary of $134,960. 

10. Corporate Lawyers.

Corporate lawyers or counsels specialize in corporate law, ensuring all transactions of their host companies and organizations are legal. 

They let the companies know their rights and duties and educate them on contract law, tax law, accounting, security, and licensing, among others.

 A bachelor of law degree from a recognized law school is a major requirement for this job. 

Corporate lawyers receive an annual average base salary of $109,631.

11. Nurse Practitioners. 

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced degrees who help physicians assess, diagnose, perform procedures and prescribe treatments for patients. 

You must complete at least a degree in nursing to qualify for this job.

 The annual average base salary of nurse practitioners in Canada is $112,320.

12. Pharmacists.

Pharmacists distribute medications, administer vaccines, counsel patients on the proper use of medications, side effects of medications, and effects of overdose, and oversee pharmacy operations. 

You need a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and must complete a practical experience/internship program. 

Pharmacists in Canada receive an average base salary of $112,117.

13. Professors.

Professors are teachers in colleges and universities.

 They teach students across all disciplines, design curriculum for lectures, carry out research and make publications, among other academic roles. 

Professors in Canada receive an annual average base salary of $106,102.

14. Pilots. 

Pilots are experts trained to fly aircraft for private, commercial airlines or cargo transportation. 

For this job, you need a commercial pilot’s license and more than 200 hours of flight experience.

 In Canada, pilots receive an annual average base salary of $101,000.

15. Risk Managers

Risk managers ascertain and manage potential risks within their host organizations or projects to ensure companies’ assets are protected. 

They carry out the assessment and mitigation of liabilities within the companies’ finances, security, reputation and operations.

 This job requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 4 years of experience in risk management. 

Risk managers in Canada are paid an annual average base salary of $96,546.  


The essence of taking a job is to earn from it and be able to foot your bills.

 In other words, the amount that is being paid for a particular job is as important as the job itself, 

which is why this article is quite relevant to aspiring immigrants like you. 

So far, I’ve been able to list the top 15 highest-paying jobs in Canada for immigrants in 2024, 

according to reliable Canadian sources giving brief descriptions and requirements of each of the jobs and stating their salaries as promised.  

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