$44k-$127k Nova Scotia Jobs for Foreign Workers with Visa Sponsorship

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s thirteen provinces one of the three Maritime provinces and as well one of the four Atlantic provinces with interesting job opportunities or greener pastures for foreigners.

With the understanding that many foreigners do not have the financial ability to cover their immigration expenses, 

several Nova Scotian companies and establishments have deemed it fit to offer visa sponsorship to foreign workers to meet the workforce demands.  

Following this development, you don’t need to fret if you can’t afford a visa, because in this article,

 you’re going to find 10 Nova Scotia jobs for foreign workers with visa sponsorship and average $44k-$127k salaries that are now hiring.  Ensure you read to the end. 

The selected 10 Nova ScotiaJobs for Foreign Workers with Visa Sponsorship are: 

10 Nova ScotiaJobs for Foreign Workers with Visa Sponsorship

1. Customer Care Representative

As a customer care representative, you’re to interact with customers to handle and resolve their complaints, 

process orders, and provide information about your organisation’s products and services. 

With visa sponsorship, the pay for this job is $13-$24 per hour in companies like Sonova, Webhelp-Dartmouth, Staples-Halifax, CIBC, Metrie, and NVA Canada.

2. Security Guards.

Your job as a security guard is to maintain access control of your work environment and be the first line of defence, 

receiving visitors and ensuring the general safety of staff, visitors and property of the company. 

Establishments like 328416 Nova Scotia Limited, Pencheries Cheticamp Fisheries Intl, Toursec, Atlantic Private Protection Services, 

Don’t miss out;

Cape Breton University, Shadow Group-Amherst, and Nova Scotia Health Authority are offering to sponsor your visa and pay you $16.50 – $20 an hour

3. Truck Driver. 

As a truck driver, your job is to transport goods from one location to another. You’ll also tow heavy vehicles or move materials to construction sites. 

The companies hiring for this Truck driving job and offering visa sponsorship and pay of $18 -$23.80 per hour

 are Sackville Concrete, Peter Daigle Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Limited, Loblaw Companies Ltd, Bayside Distribution,

 Heritage Movers Inc., Jds Logistics Inc., Trans 99 Logistics, Northstar Transport Inc., Rhino’s Collision, GTL Transportation Inc., and Eastern Meat Purveyors. 

4. Rebar Fabricator. 

Your responsibilities as a rebar fabricator include manufacturing steel rebar used in building construction projects by cutting, 

bending, tying, and performing other processes to meet project materials specifications. 

Companies like Ocean Capital Holdings, OSCO Construction Group, Allstar Rebar Nova Scotia Limited, 

I & S Rebar Ltd, Procut Steel, M.E.M Reinforcement Ltd, Cobra Rebar Services Ltd, The Shaw Group Limited,

 M K Rebar & Landscaping Ltd, Nahal Rebar Ltd and Vancouver Rebar & Damp Proofing Ltd are hiring for this job,

offering visa sponsorship and pay of $20-$34 per hour. 

5. Administrative Assistant. 

Your job as an administrative assistant is to provide various kinds of administrative support to your manager by organising, managing and keeping the office running.

 You’ll file paperwork, answer phone calls, prepare documents for meetings, and take charge of the manager’s calendar. 

There is a visa sponsorship for this job and a pay of $20-$23 per hour in companies like Viking-Dartmouth, Alpha Dream Homes Limited, 

Armour Group, Shoreline Immigration-Halifax, Passion Wing Incorporated, Discount Trucking & Construction Ltd, Markham Centre Financial Services Inc,

 Fan’s Chinese Restaurant, Scotia Gateway Canada Inc., and Maritime Household Outlet. 

6. Nurse.

With your special training as a nurse, there are visa sponsorship offers for you. 

Your core responsibilities will be to take care of sick people, assist the doctor during surgeries and as well administer treatment to patients at the doctor’s prescription. 

The health facilities and establishments offering visa sponsorship and pay of $39.76 – 50.73 per hour for foreign nurses are Calian, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA), 

Bayshore HealthCare, IWK Health Centre, MacLeod Group Health Services Medavie Health Services, 

VON Canada (Nova Scotia), Wolfville Nursing Homes Ltd, and Alderwood. 

7. Sales Assistant/Representative.

As a sales assistant or representative, you’re to engage and build relationships with customers, generate leads, do sales presentations and negotiations, 

coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs, educating consumers on product features, maintaining client records, 

meet or exceed sales goals, plan sales strategies, and resolve customers’ complaints and concerns. 

There is visa sponsorship for this job and a proposed pay of $35,000 – $45,000 yearly in companies like Nova Halifax, 

Columbia Sportswear Company, Bumper to Bumper-Dartmouth, Circle K, Watson Gloves, Municipal Group of Companies, and Michael Hill. 

8. Pharmacists.

If you have pharmaceutical skills in distributing medicine and providing health consultations to patients as well as recommending the right usage, storage, and preservation of drugs, 

there are job openings in Nova Scotia for you with free visa sponsorship and pay of $ 45- $55 per hour.

You can apply to health facilities like Bayshore Healthcare, Walmart Canada, Costco Pharmacy, 

Atlantic Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart/ Pharmaprix, Lawton Drugs, and Nova Scotia Health Authority. 

9. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you’ll create visual concepts that can communicate ideas, give inspiration and information, draw in consumers and as well generate sales for the company. 

This job comes with visa sponsorship and hourly pay of $27-$52,000 in companies like UD Promotions, H & G Immigration Consulting Ltd, 

Glow the Event Store, Supplement King Canada, Advocate Printing, Minuteman Press, and Creative Curve Media Group Inc. 

10. Digital Marketer

Your job as a digital marketer involves the sales and promotion of the company’s products and services with the help of the Internet and various social media platforms.

 This job comes with a proposed annual salary of $50,000 – $56,000 in addition to a visa sponsorship. 

Companies like RICH MEDIA, Comfort Night, Best Buy, Right to Play, Southern Cross Group Ltd,

 Amazing JC Trading Ltd and Very M Fashion Studio Ltd are employing foreign workers for this job.  


It’s usually one thing to consider to immigrate and work in places like Nova Scotia and another thing to be able to foot your immigration bills. 

This very factor gets many foreigners worried, and that was the need to put up this well-researched informational article, 

to let foreigners like you who have dreams of immigrating and working in Canada know that there are several Nova Scotia jobs for foreign workers with visa sponsorship and average $44k-$127k yearly salaries. 

All the information contained in the article was gathered from Canada’s top and reliable job posting sites and having put out these vital pieces of information, 

I strongly believe this article has met your intent. 

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