Top Reliable 10 Immigration Consultants in Canada – Certified Consultant List

Immigration consultants help potential immigrants with legal counsel, guiding them through the processes involved, and providing them with documents required for relocating temporarily or permanently to other countries. 

Canada, like other countries, has several immigration consultants some of which are better than others in terms of quality of service and coverage.

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Go through this article to find out the 10 top reliable immigration consultants in Canada that can fast-tract your Canada immigration journey. 

Top Reliable 10 Immigration Consultants in Canada.

Below are the top 10 immigration consultants in Canada:

1. RightWay Canada Immigration Services.

RightWay Canada Immigration Services, established in 2016, is one of the top and most reliable immigration consulting firms in Canada. 

RightWay Canada is versatile and offers many immigration services at a flexible pricing. 

The firm has consulting expertise in the provision and processing of the following services: 

  1. Canadian permanent and temporary residence visa programs (including express entry). 
  2. Immigration services the provincial nominee programs. 
  3. Processing of Canadian experience class. 
  4. Federal skilled worker. 
  5. Family sponsorship. 
  6. Spousal sponsorship. 
  7. Parental sponsorship. 
  8. Spousal open work permits, and
  9. Processing of Canadian citizenship.

RightWay Canada Immigration Services assists clients in choosing immigration and professionally counsels clients on how to go about or change it entirely, stating tangible reasons. 

You may reach RightWay Canada Immigration Services in their office at 4211 Yonga St #241, Toronto, Canada, talk to them by Phone at +1 647-494-7977 or mail to You may also find out more about them on their official website,

2. Green Light Canada.

Green Light Immigration is a large team of experts working earnestly to provide smooth and reliable immigration services in Canada. 

The firm has been around for several decades and is highly experienced in Canadian immigration processes. 

According to information on its website,, the firm satisfactorily assists over 41,000 clients yearly suggesting expertise and a strong international presence.

Green Light Immigration’s extensive services are backed by its zero-risk processes which allow you to pay after a successful processing of your immigration or allied services. 

Green Light Immigration supports immigrants who wish to work, study, invest, start a business, or permanently settle in Canada. 

Green Light Immigration services include consulting on immigration programs like express entry, PNPs, work, visitor/study visas, spousal sponsorships, and humanitarian programs.

 Also, they assist in creating employment connections, working with over 800 Canadian employers and hiring foreigners.

To contact Green Light Immigration physically, please visit 1275 Finch Avenue West Unit, 404 North York, ON M3J 0L5, Canada or Call +1 (416) 655-7797.

 Their official email is

3. Bright Immigration. 

Bright Immigration is another top and reliable immigration consultancy firm in Canada you may consider for assistance with immigration advice and services. 

Besides offering professional immigration consultancy services, Bright Immigration is renowned for its transparent pricing model which is backed by the ‘Brighter Price Guarantee’ which promises that if you find a cheaper service at another similar firm, Bright Immigration will beat that price by 10 per cent.

Bright Immigration has expertise in every pathway to Canada including PNPs, express entry, permanent residency, and family sponsorship.

 Besides, they offer diverse visa services like consultation and processing of work visas, study visas, tourism visas, caregiver visas, and Super visas, among others.

Bright Immigration’s office is at 1535 Dufferin St. Toronto, ON M5B 3L5, Canada. 

Their official contact number is +1 888-404-8472, website is, email is

4. Axis Immigration Consultants.

Axis Immigration, founded in 2016, has over the years garnered a strong reputation as one of Canada’s top immigration consultancy firms. 

The company has successfully assisted clients from Australia, Dubai, India, China, the Philippines, and many African countries, to emigrate to Canada.

Axis Immigration’s consultancy services cover all major immigration programs including express entry, provincial nomination programs, and family sponsorships.

 Also, the company consults on work visas, study visas, visitor visas, and super visas. 

Axis Immigration offers a free-of-charge online assessment via its website,, for people to confirm their Canadian visa eligibility.

Below is their contact information: 

Address: 6740 75 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6T9; Phone: + 1 780- 200-2755; Email: 

5. Ann Arbour Consultants Inc.

Ann Arbour is an immigration and foreign talent recruitment agency in Canada established in 2001.

 The agency mainly serves clients across Asia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), North and South America, Morocco, France, Mauritius and Tunisia.

Ann Arbour is a seasoned team of consultants who guide immigrants on visa, residency and citizenship programs like the Express Entry and International Experience Class.

 Also, they consult on provincial nomination programs, family sponsorship, and temporary foreign workers, and study, caregiver and humanitarian visas.

Ann Arbour has an office in Ontario and Alberta.

 The Ontario Office is at Brock Street S, Whitby, L1N 4KS while the Alberta Office is at 213, 4935- 55 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB. T6B3S3

You may phone them on +1 (647) 477-2197 or email to Also, visit their official website, to learn more about their services.

6. Maple Immigration Services.

Maple Immigration Services assist potential immigrants to immigrate easily and conveniently to Canada to work or study. 

Through its trademarked Immigration Success System, Maple Immigration Services executes a strategic approach to assisting and facilitating foreigners to get a work visa or visitor visa, citizenship, or permanent residence in Canada.

Maple Immigration Services guides prospective and new immigrants by finding out the prospect’s preferred route to Canada and suggesting a suitable service to fit the client’s budget. 

Furthermore, they would give the client professional advice and guidance concerning the different immigration routes and choices. 

To Contact them, please go to their office at 1235 Bay St. Suite 700, Toronto, ON M5R £K4, Canada or phone +1 647-748-8472

For more details, please check their official website,

7. established its online presence in 1996 and has one of the largest teams of licensed consultants and supporting staff in Canada. 

They have been operating for several decades with numerous success stories.’s consultancy services include helping aspiring immigrants to move to Canada through programs like Express Entry, family sponsorship, work visa, student visa, provincial nominee programs, and Start-up Visa programs for qualified immigrant entrepreneurs, among others.

Also, offers free International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test preparatory service through an eight-week online course, interactive exercises, and practice tests to boost applicant/prospective immigrants’ English skills and meet Canada’s language proficiency requirements. 

You can learn more about’s services at their official website or visit them at 4333 Rue Sainte-Catherine O. Suite 410, Westmount, QC H3Z 1P9. Official phone number is +1 (514) 487-2011, email:

8. MDC Canada.

MDC Canada began active service in 2014 and has since then provided tailored and reliable immigration consultation and support through its team of multicultural experts guiding immigrants to Canada. 

MDC help immigrants gain entry to Canada through over 100 pathways including Express Entry, work visa, study visa, family sponsorship, PNPs, Start-Up visas, caregiver visas, and more.

 The agency can assist you in your language, give you detailed eligibility coaching, and offer personalised immigration strategy and support.  

Learn more via their official website, or walk into their office at 700 W Pender St. Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8, Canada. Their telephone number is +1 604-449-1100 while email is 

9. Canada Immigration Services (CanadaCIS).

Canada Immigration Services (CanadaCIS) has a long track record of successful immigration consultancy services for clients from across the globe.

 The agency provides tailored services from its team of RCICs and immigration lawyers to help clients select the best immigration strategy/pathway and achieve smooth immigration to Canada.

You may find out more about Canada Immigration Services (CanadaCIS)’s services by calling their helpline, at +1-647-490-6993 or emailing office@canadacis.orgh

Alternatively, visit their official office at 170 Chiltern Hill Road, Suite 609, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 0A9, Canada or learn more on their official website, 

10. Royal Canadian Immigration 

Royal Canadian Immigration has been operating in Canada for over 20 years,

 helping prospective Canadian immigrants craft an optimal immigration strategy and settle in Canada.

Royal Canadian Immigration’s expertise covers Canada’s most popular immigration routes including family and spousal sponsorship, express entry, provincial nomination programs (PNPs), work permits, student and visitor visas and citizenship applications.

Other services offered by Royal Canadian Immigration are consultancy on the Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades program, which can speed up the immigration process for in-demand foreign talents, and access extensions for visitor, study and work visas. 

If this interests you and you wish to know more about Royal Canadian Immigration’s services, please, email them at or call +1 (905) 790-0422

You may also get more information on their website, or visit them at 2023 Willams Pkwy E, Unit 4, Brampton, ON L6S 5N1.


Immigration processes are delicate and must be handled carefully. 

Using reliable immigration consultancy agencies or approaching the relevant authorities can greatly reduce or prevent unwarranted risks or disqualification. 

I hope that using the well-researched and confirmed pieces of information in this article, you should now be well informed on the reliable immigration consultants that can counsel and guide you through Canadian immigration processes successfully. 

This also includes assistance with documentation services for relocating temporarily or permanently to Canada.

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