Canadian Agricultural Jobs for Foreigners with Free Work Visa ($100K Salary)

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world with many favourable immigration pathways for foreigners. 

Agriculture plays a critical role in ensuring food sufficiency for the large population in the country. 

However, there is a huge deficit in farm workers in Canada and the need for foreigners to supplement the existing agricultural manpower in the country, 

hence the introduction of many agri-related and agri-related immigration routes to Canada.

 As such, one of the surest immigration pathways to Canada for foreigners is landing a Canadian agricultural job, especially the ones with a free work visa to Canada. 

So, in this article, I show you some of the popular Canadian agricultural jobs for foreigners with free work visas that you may apply for if you’d like to relocate or go to Canada to render agriculture-related services.

 These jobs require no Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and no International English language Testing System (IELTS).

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In addition, I show you the top 5 top farm worker recruitment agencies in Canada that help to process these Canadian jobs for intending Canadian immigrants. 

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Canadian Agricultural Jobs for Foreigners with Free Work Visa 

Canadian Agricultural Jobs for Foreigners with Free Work Visa 

Below are 7 Canadian agricultural jobs for foreigners with free work visas:

1. Fruit Pickers Job 

One of the popular agricultural jobs for foreigners with free work visas in Canada is a fruit-picking job.

 Fruit picking job is a relatively simple and easy unskilled job that involves harvesting fruits from the gardens or orchards, gathering and packing (storing) them. 

You’ll be picking fruits like plums, peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, prunes, raspberries and many other fruits. 

This job doesn’t require any previous work experience in fruit picking, and the age limit for working supports everyone, except kids and senior citizens.

Aside from free work visas, most companies offer lodging, transport assistance, and at least an initial three months of health insurance.

 The average salary for this job is $15- $20 per hour. 

Many companies in British Columbia and Ontario frequently hire for this position. 

The top companies in British Columbia that hire fruit pickers are Jealous Fruits Recruitment, BC Cherry Association, Carcajou Fruit, BC Fruit Grower Association, and Old Tower Farm.

In Ontario, the chief companies that hire for this position are Albion Orchards, Mclean and Buckhorn Berry Farm, Downey’s Strawberry Apple Farm, Barrie Hill Farms, and Dixie Orchards.

2. Dairy Farmers 

The dairy farmer’s job entails managing, breeding or nurturing cows, and processing cow milk for dairy foods like cheese and yogurt. 

Often, experience in agriculture management and dairy farming is required for this job. 

The average yearly salary for this job is $76,000. 

Two companies that offer immigrants free work visas for this job are William Reid and Nancy Reid.

3. Horticulture Jobs. 

This job entails maintaining plants in public places across Canada.

 To qualify for this job, you must hold a degree in horticulture or a similar field and must be able to manage large plantations and gardens.

 The average salary for this job is about $35,000.

4. Poultry Worker. 

The poultry worker’s job involves managing poultry and birds, by feeding them with poultry feed and water, 

keeping the poultry house neat and safe, monitoring the health of the birds, gathering eggs, and carrying out breeding activities. 

The pay for this job is $17.50 per hour. 

Riverdale Poultry is frequently hired for this role but you can see many other companies on top Canadian job search portals.

5. Farm Manager Job. 

The farm manager’s role is mainly to oversee the staff and daily operations of the various units of the farm, 

create and manage plans and budgets, set and enforce policies, handle recruitment and perform general and specific farm management functions. 

The salary for this role is $20 per hour and some companies issue immigrants a free work visa.  

6. Greenhouse Worker Job. 

The greenhouse worker’s job entails monitoring and maintaining plant growth against diseases and insects.

 Also, it involves inspecting products before packaging to ensure they comply with greenhouse policies. 

In addition to the free work visa, some companies provide free training and orientation for their new recruits and periodic staff training. 

The average hourly wage for this job is $16.71 per hour. 

To this job, you may apply to Kingsville Farms Ltd, Mucci Farms INC and other companies that hire greenhouse workers in Canada.

7. General Farm Labourer Jobs

There are numerous general farm jobs for foreigners with free work visas on international job sites and Canadian online job boards. 

These general tasks might demand special skills or no skills at all. 

The tasks include, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. Operating and maintaining farm equipment. 
  2. Planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables. 
  3. Irrigating plants. 
  4. Applying fertilizers. 
  5. Spraying crops. 
  6. Feeding and herding animals. 
  7. Milking cows. 
  8. Performing landscaping. 
  9. Removing grasses. 
  10. Etc. 

In Canada. the average hourly pay for general farm labourers is $15.50. 

P&H Farming Company, Aramark, RJ AgriServices Inc., and many other companies frequently hire general farm workers in Canada and issue immigrants a free work visa. 

Top Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Below are the top 5 farm worker recruitment agencies in Canada. 

1. Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment

Global Farm and Ranch has been active since 1997 as an international recruitment agency for agriculture-related jobs.

 They handle paperwork and help companies hire temporary and permanent foreign workers. 

Global Farm & Ranch Recruitment’s services include work permit applications, permanent residence applications, provincial nominee program applications, express Entry applications, work permits, study permit and temporary resident visa applications for eligible family members of foreign workers, and applications for Canadian Citizenship. 

The agency focuses on recruiting for agricultural jobs like dairy jobs, swine management jobs, cattle management jobs, crop production jobs, equipment operator jobs, and agro equipment mechanic jobs.

2 GreenTech Resources

GreenTech Resources has been in operation for decades, providing immigration services, employment services, and post-landing services for both local and foreign job seekers, focusing on the agriculture industry.

3 Canadian Recruitment

Canadian Recruitment specialises in the placement of skilled trades in various disciplines and companies in Canada. 

They are not a predominantly agriculture recruitment agency but rendering of agriculture recruitment services is part of their portfolio.

4. AgriRecruiting

AgriRecruiting is located in Kitchener, Ontario. 

The agency focuses on recruiting for the agribusiness sector and provides HR services, agribusiness recruitment services, and free-agent recruitment programs to immigrants.

5 Grasslands Group

Grasslands Group began operation in 1996 with a focus on discovering the best agricultural candidates for various companies in various agricultural disciplines.

 Over the years, they have helped many companies in Canada and immigrants worldwide to service the Canadian agricultural industry.


Agriculture is practised worldwide because of its importance to mankind – food production. 

Considering the population, comprised of both locals and foreigners, there is a huge need for agricultural workers in Canada. 

Many of these jobs allow foreigners to immigrate to and settle in Canada with free work visas. 

To search and apply for any Canadian agricultural job for foreigners with a free visa, visit recognized platforms like the Canadian job bank (, Indeed Canada (,,, or LinkedIn ( 

I wish you success in your search for a suitable agricultural job in Canada for immigrants.

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