Top 10 Unskilled Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship.

For many years and to date many unskilled job opportunities have existed in virtually all sectors and industries in Canada. 

Many people have over the years moved to Canada to take up these unskilled job opportunities given the country’s stable economy and cultural diversity. 

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Some of these jobs come with Visa sponsorship. In this article, I discuss the 10 most common and viable Unskilled Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship.

What Is an Unskilled Job?

What Is an Unskilled Job

An unskilled job is a job that does not require advanced skills or formal training, especially in an academic setting. 

Unskilled jobs do not require specialized experience and are therefore accessible to a broad range of individuals. 

In Canada, many unskilled jobs exist in industries like construction, hospitality, agriculture, retail and healthcare support. 

These jobs do not require specific and strict formal or academic qualifications but they require attributes, aptitude, and soft skills like hard work, dedication, and adaptability.  

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Benefits of Getting an Unskilled Job as a Foreigner in Canada

As a foreigner in Canada, venturing into unskilled employment has numerous advantages. 

First, you’ll be able to gather work experience in the new country, Canada. 

This Canadian work experience would go a long way in enriching your resume potentially unlocking many opportunities for you and easing your chances of getting hired by employers in future.

 Besides, you can use this to boost your future career prospects. 

Secondly, some unskilled jobs, like the ones I discuss in this article, come with visa sponsorship. 

 This means that employers are willing to fund your work permit application. This support is throughout the process of obtaining your papers to work in Canada.

In this article, I share 10 unskilled jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship,

 but before I do that, let me discuss the work visa options that are available for unskilled workers in Canada. 

Work Visa Options for Unskilled Workers in Canada. 

You need a work visa to work in the Canadian job market as an unskilled worker.

 There are two ways of acquiring this and they are:

  1. Temporary Work Permit (TWP) 
  2. Working Holiday Visa (WHV). 

The TWP caters to individuals with specific job offers from Canadian employers. 

The WHV facilitates a combination of work and travel within Canada for a limited period.

 Both visa options require meeting certain eligibility criteria and submitting some supporting documents. 

Please, check the Canadian visa website and immigration website for details on these.

Unskilled Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

The unskilled jobs discussed below have visa sponsorship to Canada:

1. Factory Work

Factory worker job entails operating machinery to manufacture different products.

 People who do this work in Canada may operate machines, sort, check, and pack products or work on product assembly lines.

 The average factory worker gets paid $17 per hour. 

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program are the best ways to immigrate to Canada to work as a factory worker. 

Companies like Bombardier, Magna International, and Linamar Corporation are popular employers that provide visa sponsorship to people coming to Canada to work as factory workers.

2. Truck Driver Job. 

Truck drivers pick up goods and materials, verify loads for accuracy, and deliver them as instructed. 

They are also responsible for basic vehicle maintenance. Truck drivers earn about $48,750 per year or $25 per hour. 

Depending on your country of residence, you may need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to work as a truck driver in Canada.

 Big companies like Justin Wardhough Trucking Inc, EPSN, Trucker Transfer System, etc. are the main providers of truck driver jobs in Canada.

To work as a truck driver in Canada, you need to have the following:

  • Completed secondary school
  • Completed an accredited driver training course of up to three months duration, through a vocational school or community college.
  • A Class 3 or D licence is required to drive straight-body trucks.

3. Housekeeping Job 

If you’re passionate about creating a clean and welcoming environment, you can join The Elite Job as a Housekeeping Specialist, where your skills will be valued and your dedication rewarded.

 This is a huge opportunity for foreign workers seeking employment in Canada, as they offer Visa Sponsorship for eligible candidates.

Below are the specific duties of housekeepers in Canada: 

  • Perform a variety of cleaning activities, ensuring all rooms and common areas are maintained to the highest standards.
  • Collaborate with the housekeeping team to achieve efficiency and excellence in service delivery.
  • Handle and report maintenance issues, ensuring prompt resolution.

 Apply at The Elite Jobs here.

4. Customer Service Representative Job.

The customer service representative job entails helping prospects and customers get services to resolve issues by answering their questions, finding out their concerns and needs, etc.

 Besides, it also entails the processing of customers’ orders. 

The customer service representative job is for people who like helping or providing assistance services to people. 

One of the best immigration pathways to Canada to want as a customer service representative is the Express Entry program.

 Customer service reps in Canada earn about $18.24 per hour. 

Apply for customer service jobs in Canada via Indeed.

5. Warehouse Worker Job.

Duties of a warehouse worker include receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, packing and shipping orders, or managing, organizing and retrieving stock. 

They get paid about $16 per hour. You need to have obtained an approved LMIA to work as a warehouse worker. lists many visa-sponsored warehouse worker jobs. Browse here

6. Order Picker Job.

The order picker job entails locating and picking items on storage shelves or in storage rooms using nomenclatures like product serial numbers or barcodes.

 It also involves securely packaging items into envelopes or boxes for safe delivery to the client.

 Order Pickers in Canada make about $17.09 per hour.

Explore visa-sponsored Order Picker jobs on here.

7. Meat Butcher Job.

The Meat butcher job entails a myriad of meat processing activities like meat cutting, meat trimming, meat storage, roasting, and packaging. 

Besides, the job entails converting large portions of meat into roasts, steaks, chops, and other sizes or shapes. 

As a meat butcher in Canada, you’d be tasked with these meat processing activities from meat care activities to preparing meat for sale, weighing meat, wrapping and displaying meat. 

The average butcher wage in Canada is $19.58 per hour. 

Apply for Meat Butcher jobs with Visa Sponsorship on

8. Packager Job. 

The job packager job entails assembling and sorting packages for shipping. 

This also extends to packing and inspection, package labelling, and movement of packages to the loading point. 

Packagers mainly work in a warehouse where they help in processing and packaging parcels for delivery to the right client safely.

 The average packager wage in Canada is $16 per hour. Click here to explore visa-sponsored packager jobs in Canada.

9. Janitor Job. 

The Janitor job (cleaning job) entails performing general building cleaning and maintenance. 

Janitors work in homes and offices to perform cleaning tasks like washing and cleaning doors, walls, windows and mirrors, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, removing and recycling trash mopping, dusting, etc. 

The average janitor’s salary in Canada is $18.25 per hour. Click here to explore visa-sponsored janitor jobs in Canada.

10. Stockroom Clerk Job. 

The stockroom clerk job entails managing the stocking of shelves and organization of products in a store. 

Other responsibilities include helping customers find the products that they are looking for and keeping the store clean at all times.

 Stockroom clerks in Canada earn about $16.20 per hour. Get Stockroom clerk jobs in Canada on 


Getting a job, especially an unskilled job in Canada is possible and relatively easy. 

The good news is that the average minimum salary of an unskilled worker exceeds $30,000 per year, which isn’t that bad. 

Besides, many of these unskilled jobs, like the ones discussed in this article, come with visa sponsorship. 

A popular job portal, and Canada Job Bank has a huge collection of many unskilled jobs in Canada. 

Please, use the links provided in this article to visit the job portal and learn more about these and other unskilled jobs in Canada.

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