Top 7 Canadian Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers Or International Workers.

The Canadian economic climate has experienced significant growth over the years, hence people from different parts of the world troop to Canada yearly to work, 

study or engage in different viable economic activities. International workers make up a significant proportion of Canada’s workforce. 

Interestingly, below is the list of some Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers to improve the work efficiency and work-life balance of the workers. 

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In this article, I share with you 7 Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers, the remuneration (i.e., worth/value), coverage, requirements and how to leverage this opportunity as an international worker in Canada.

Who is an International Worker in Canada? 

Top 7 Canadian Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers

Canada is a country with an ageing population and a low birth rate.

 Therefore, Canadian employers are constantly in search of qualified immigrants to work and help run and grow their companies and government departments.

 These immigrant workers are referred to as international workers.

Some Canadian companies offer visa sponsorship, others offer monetary sponsorships, while others offer waivers and fringe benefits. 

Also, some Canadian companies offer sponsorship to international workers by helping international workers apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

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The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the Canadian government department whose mandate is to improve the quality of life and the living standards of Canadian residents. 

They also supervise the labour market and ensure the implementation of equitable employment policies for everyone. 

LMIA and International Workers

The Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) aid the process of work visa application for international workers. 

Obtaining a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) allows international workers to submit their work visa applications successfully. 

As an international worker in Canada, you should always prioritize getting a Canadian work permit to be able to migrate and seek employment in Canada.

 Ensure you’re hired by an employer that is ready to help you throughout the application process and pay for the costs. 

Some Canadian companies offer visa sponsorship that helps internationals with LMIA processing as well as ESDC processing.

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7 Canadian Canadian Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers Or International Workers.

Below are 7 Canadian companies that offer sponsorship to international workers:

1. P&H Farming

P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Parrish & Heimbecker Limited (nee P&H Farming) is a Canadian agribusiness company that has operating in Canada for over 110 years. 

It is one of the most highly successful and prominent family-owned businesses in Canada. 

Founded in 1909, P&H is a growth-oriented, diversified, vertically integrated company with businesses in the grain trade, agricultural supplies, flour production, and feed mills. 

They offer agricultural career possibilities that include visa sponsorship (for international workers), professional growth, and a competitive salary. 

Form of P&H visa sponsorship for international workers:

  • Relocation assistance
  • Free Medical Insurance
  • Visa sponsorship

Apply For P&H Farming jobs here

2. Scotiabank

The Bank of Nova Scotia, popularly known as Scotiabank was incorporated by the Legislative Council and Assembly of the British Colony of Nova Scotia in 1832. 

As one of the leading financial institutions in North America, Scotiabank delivers reliable and expert financial services across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

Scotiabank offers various career opportunities tailored to your passion and aspirations.

 You may decide to join their Retail Banking team if you enjoy building meaningful relationships.

 If you keep hopes of creating seamless and secure digital experiences, you’ll surely be interested in joining the Technology team and pioneering the future of banking.

Scotiabank offers mainly visa sponsorship to international workers.

Learn more about this sponsorship here


KPMG is a conglomerate of professional companies that provides financial services, particularly Advisory, Tax, and Audit services. 

They meet clients’ intricate business difficulties both at home and abroad.

 KPMG renders its services to clients in the private and public sectors and has almost 8,000 employees spread across more than 40 locations throughout Canada. 

Also, KPMG has frequently been rated as one of the greatest employers in Canada and a great place to work.

KPMG provides international workers with these sponsorships/support:

  1. Visa sponsorship.
  2. Lodging assistance.
  3. Wellbeing training.

Click here to know more about KPMG visa sponsorship

4. Google Canada

Google Canada sponsorship is particularly for college students worldwide. 

Google is willing to sponsor contemporary college students, undergraduates and graduates to work in Canada. 

Students from all nations of the world are free to apply and they’ll get visa sponsorship to work in Canada.

Learn more

N/B: Choose a location within the filter “Canada”. You’ll see a list of all Google jobs for college students in Canada

5. Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a Canada-based software company that helps businesses create online stores and sell products online. 

Elastic Path provides technology solutions to make it easier for companies to manage their e-commerce websites and offer a better shopping experience for customers. 

Based mostly in Vancouver. They supply Job alternatives in Canada within the fields of IT, advertising, product growth, product operations, help, product administration, and lots more. 

Elastic Path provides Visa sponsorship jobs to international workers in Canada. 

Apply here.

6. Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. is the owner and operator of Canada’s biggest natural gas distribution system, offering services in Ontario and Quebec. Most of Enbridge Inc. 

employees work in Canada and the United States. 

In addition, Enbridge is traded on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges.

 Enbridge has once again established itself as a pioneer in energy distribution in North America by securely and ethically connecting people to the energy they require. 

Enbridge Inc. offers Visa Sponsorship to international workers in Canada 

Learn more and apply here

7. Mobsquad

MobSquad makes it easy for US businesses to launch a virtual subsidiary in Canada.

 They help businesses to either build a team of highly qualified technology workers in Canada or retain existing technology staff despite the difficulties with US work visas. 

They hire highly qualified foreign technology workers from US companies who have been denied US work visas and relocate them to Canada

MobSquad offers a Visa Sponsorship program to international workers in Canada and you can apply here


You need a valid work permit to work legally in Canada. Often this requires obtaining a work visa from a company that is willing to sponsor Canadian immigrants. 

Canadian companies mainly offer visa sponsorship to international workers. These work visas could be for students or skilled workers. 

Please, carefully study the website/brochure of the Canadian company offering the sponsorship to know the details of the sponsorship and eligibility before applying. 

I wish you the best of luck in your Canada sponsorship international workers search.

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