Quebec International Mobility Program: How to Apply the Right Way

Quebec has launched a fresh immigration pathway called “International Mobility Program (IMP) Plus” to bring in employees who are talented and wish to become permanent residents. 

The Quebec International Mobility Program (IMP) plus or Impulse is a new work visa alternative immigration pathway to Canada

The essence of the impulse program is to reduce the shortage of labour in Quebec due to the long time it takes for immigrants to process permanent residency from the Province. 

The impulse program is designed to drastically reduce this time and get many immigrants to Quebec faster for labour intent.

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In this article, I tell you all you should know about the IMP plus work permit, the conditions required to apply for it, people who are qualified/eligible to apply for it, how much it would cost, how long the process would take to complete and how you can apply from your own country.

About Quebec,

Quebec is one of the provinces in Canada with a landmass that is almost one-sixth of the total land area of Canada. 

Quebec is the second largest province in Canada after Ontario based on population. It is also the oldest city in Canada.

This province got its name from an Algonquian word which means where the river narrows.” The tourist view of the city attracts visitors from all over the world to visit regularly.

Benefits of the Quebec International Mobility Program (IMP) Plus Program

People who are successful in this immigration program will get the following benefits:

  • A three-year open work visa.
  • Study permits for children of immigrants.
  • Open work permit for the spouse of the applicant.

About Your Work Permit

It is very important to note that:

  • The Quebec International Mobility Program (IMP) plus is a Province Immigration Program (PNP). Hence, the open work permit is restricted to Quebec alone. This means that with the open work permit, you are permitted to work anywhere within Quebec Province for a minimum of three years. 
  • With your work permit, you are free to work for any employer you want within the province and in whatever position you may wish to apply for.

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What is the Immigration Mobility Program Plus pathway for Quebec?

Quebec International Mobility Program

The Immigration Mobility Program Plus pathway for Quebec is a program designed by the province of Quebec to significantly reduce the immigration waiting period of 31 months for those who may want to immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents. 

With this program, applicants and their families can move to Canada and even start working there while waiting for their Federal Permanent Residence (PR) permit.

Before the inception of this program, foreign nationals chosen by Quebec for permanent residency had to wait a significantly longer time for the approval of their application before they could start living and working in Quebec which was about 31 months. 

With the impulse work visa, applicants who have been chosen by Quebec can travel to the province and start working right away and establish themselves there more quickly. 

Requirements for the IMP plus 

  • Candidate must be living outside of Quebec at the time of their application.
  • Applicant must have a Quebec selection certificate. The Quebec selection certificate is a document that shows that an applicant has been chosen by the Quebec government for permanent residence under the regular skilled worker program or the permanent Immigration Pilot Program for employees in the artificial intelligence, information technology and visual effect industries.
  • Candidate must obtain a Letter of Invitation from the Quebec government (this is covered when you apply for your Selection certificate).
  • Applicant must submit a work permit application.
  • Candidate must pay the sum of 255 Canadian Dollars (CAD) processing fee.

How to Apply for the Program

You can apply for the program anywhere within and outside of Quebec by doing the following:

  • Scan your documents ready to upload on the application website. 
  • Visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website at
  • Create an account on the website, fill the forms with the correct information and upload all required documents.
  • Ensure that you upload the right papers that are required to be uploaded.
  • Pay your fees. The fees are as follows: 
  • Pressing charge (155 CAD) 
  • Biometrics Charge (85 CAD per person) 
  • open work permit holder (100 CAD). 
  • You will be issued an electronic receipt(s) which you should print and store safely as you will attach the same in your application.
  • You will receive a unique documentation checklist after you have provided some information about where you are applying for.
  • On the Work Permit form, you need to provide the following details; the kind of work you are applying for. On the open work permit option which requests your work title and a summary of responsibilities, put a 76 international Mobility Program Plus in the short description of the task box and Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) holder outside Quebec Work Permit (WP) in the employment title box
  • Enter the date you want to start work and the date you want to end work (it must be up to three years).
  • Submit your application 
  • You will get a notification asking you to provide your biometrics, your fingerprints and a photo of you.
  • Upon submitting of these details, you will get a letter confirming your right to work in Ananda if your application is accepted.

You will get a Proof of Entry Letter of Introduction. This is a very important letter that you must go to Canada with and at the point of entry, you must present this letter.

Please, note that this letter is not your work permit and it is only on your day of arrival that you will get your work permit

Details on Your Work Permit

Your work permit would contain the following;

  • Your personal details
  • The sort of employment you have
  • Details of your employer
  • The location where you can work
  • The amount of time you may work

Why Your Application May Be Delayed

Usually, the processing time is not too long, but your processing time could be longer if any or most of this happens:

  • The immigration system is checking to verify your information
  • Criminal or security issues are detected in your application.
  • The immigration system needs to run a few more background checks on you
  • Your family status is not clear yet or,
  • You need to submit some more documents.


The essence of the Quebec Immigration program is to speed up the duration of the application process for people who wish to immigrate to Quebec.

 I have covered key areas you need to know about this program and how to apply for it. 

However, please speak with a Canadian immigration office if you need more clarification on this program and a detailed guide through the process.

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