Jobs In Canada for South African Citizens with Visa Sponsorship (CAD $95,700+)

When you finish reading this article, your dream of migrating to Canada as a South African to work will be very close to reality. 

In this article, I will show you 10 jobs in Canada for South African citizens with visa sponsorship and yearly salaries of at least CAD 95,700.

As of today, CAD 1 equals 13.6397 ZAR. This figure multiplied by 95 gives you 1,295.7715 South African Rands, in addition to visa sponsorship.

 Kindly review this article to see the job offers that pay up to this amount you may qualify for.

Jobs In Canada for South African Citizens with Visa Sponsorship (CAD 95,700+)

Below are the 10 best jobs in Canada for South African Citizens with visa sponsorship with an annual salary of at least CAD $95,700.

1. Housekeeper Job.

Housekeepers in Canada earn around $17 – $19 per hour. You don’t need a degree to do a housekeeper job in Canada. 

The key requirements for the job are neatness, smartness and the ability to arrange and care for things. 

If you meet these basic criteria, then, you are qualified for this job. 

Your duty as a housekeeper is to ensure the environment is safe and clean for people to use, following all Canadian health and safety guidelines. 

In Canada, you can get housekeeping jobs at private homes and big hotels like Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge, Sandman Hotel Group, Edmonton, The Son Place Hotel, etc. 

Also, you can simply visit a Canadian job site like, which lists numerous job offers, including housekeeper jobs, and apply to the offers you like.  

Don’t miss out;

2. Dishwasher Job. 

Dishwashing job in Canada is very lucrative but many people don’t know this.

You can work as a dishwasher in Canada and earn at least $17 hourly rendering dishwashing services like washing of pots, plates, spoons, and other cooking utensils, for homes, restaurants and hotels. 

Dishwasher jobs are available at popular Canadian restaurants like Tim Hortons. 

You can also check Canada’s Job Bank website – – for current dishwashing jobs in Canada.

3. Customer Service/ Gas Station Attendant Job. 

You can work as a customer service/gas station attendant in Canada and earn a lot of money hourly. 

Your duty as a customer service personnel or gas station attendant will be to welcome and greet customers, pump the requested amount of gas, and process transactions like fuel sales, lottery, and store items.

The pay for this job is a minimum of $16.65 per hour.

 You can get customer service/gas station attendant jobs at gas stations like Shell Gas Station Oakville, Arjun Esso, etc. 

4. Kitchen Assistant Job. 

As a Kitchen assistant, one of your core duties would be washing of dishes and utensils.

 You will assist in general food preparations by preparing ingredients and foodstuffs for the cook. 

So, generally, you’d assist with peeling, cutting and washing of food items for cooking or preservation. 

Also, you will assist the kitchen staff in buying food items from the market and offloading supplies from delivery trucks when needed. 

You can get a kitchen assistant job in Canada, with even an O-level or A-level certificate and earn around $15 – $16 hourly, working for private homes, restaurants, hotels or orphanage homes. 

Please, check for the latest kitchen assistant job listings. 

5. Labourer/Driver Job. 

There are many labourer/driver jobs in Canada today for South Africans that pay between $18 and $22 an hour. 

 To qualify for this job, you need a valid driver’s license, a good vehicle, and good driving history with a minimum of 2 years of driving experience. 

Your duty would be to prepare job sites, upload and offload materials, and convey workers and materials safely, to and from the site. 

If you have the requirements for this job, there are many companies in Canada looking forward to working with you. 

Check sites like , and/or create a LinkedIn profile. 

6. Office Assistant Job. 

If you are good at doing clerical duties, many companies and firms in Canada are willing to pay you $33.7K – $42.6K yearly to work for them as an office assistant. 

Your duty as an office assistant is to carry out general clerical duties like photocopying, scanning, and filing documents.

You will also sort and distribute incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail. 

Companies like Legal AB, Canada, Richer’s Bookkeeping & Tax Services INC. Calgary, AB, Canada, etc. are actively recruiting for this job via Job Bank and LinkedIn

7. Home Caregiver Job. 

CAD $18 – $20 per hour is quite good pay for the role of a caregiver for a South African, or don’t you think so? 

Many employees in Canada require applicants to have at least a secondary school diploma or graduation certificate to do this job.

As a caregiver, you are to provide companionship and personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming, and other activities of daily living) to elderly people.  

Besides having the major requirements, you should be a soft-hearted and caring person who can exercise a lot of patience with people. 

You can get a home caregiver job in Canada easily in places like Senior Helpers, Consumer Direct Care Network, and job sites like JobSErviceHub, LinkedIn,

8. Laundry Attendant Job. 

If you would like to work as a laundry attendant in Canada, you can earn $17 per hour. 

The job duties include collecting and sorting all soiled clothes from guest rooms and public areas, washing, drying, ironing and arranging all laundered items neatly and accurately. 

You can get laundry attendant jobs in hotels like Sunwapta Falls Rocky, Mountain Lodge, laundry companies, dry-cleaning firms, and private homes

9. Immigration Assistant Job (remote job). 

If you choose to work as an immigration assistant in Canada, you have the choice of either migrating to Canada or working for Canada from South Africa. 

This is because this job is remote and can be done from anywhere in the world. 

As a Canadian immigration assistant, you will assist immigration attorneys with visa and permanent residency applications, 

explain the immigration policy and procedures to visitors or applicants, among other roles (as assigned). 

You need a provincial Nomination Program (PNP) and a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience in Canadian Immigration Law. 

This job would pay you about $14.00 – $33.93 per hour. 

You can work with immigration companies like CareerBeacon Halifax, NS, Canada (apply via LinkedIn), Venera Immigration INC( apply via Job Bank), and Rahar Immigration Services Inc. (apply via Glassdoor).

10. Landscape Construction Foreman/woman Job. 

Landscape construction foremen/women in Canada earn a decent income pegged at about $28.85 per hour. 

The job entails planning and designing landscapes and carrying out green space maintenance services in public and private areas. 

However, you need a valid Canadian work permit and an extensive knowledge of landscaping or landscape construction to do this job. 

Please, check Canadian Job Bank for landscape construction jobs. 


Having read through this article, I believe you’re now in a more informed position to migrate to Canada to work and earn at least CAD 95,700.

 These jobs in Canada accept South African citizens and come with visa sponsorship.

 Kindly share this article if you found it helpful. 

Please, know that the actual pay in CAD exceeds the pay stated in this article in USA currency ($).

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