Top 10 Skilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship (Hiring Now!)

Suppose you have a skill, training or knowledge gained through formal education, work experience, or apprenticeship program. 

In that case, you can apply in Canada and get paid for mental or physical tasks. 

The other good thing is that some companies or government departments in Canada offer Visa Sponsorship to people with some skills. 

Don’t miss out;

In this article, I show you the top 10 skilled jobs in Canada for foreigners, that come with visa sponsorship and an average annual salary of CAD $63,163 and above.

The Top 10 Skilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship.

10 Skilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

The Canadian workforce needs you if you have some of the skills listed below

Having these skills may simplify your dream of migrating to Canada and also make your stay in Canada lucrative!

 See if your skill matches any of the ones I discuss below.

1. Healthcare.

Health is a priority to everyone because of this, the healthcare industry has one of the most consistently in-demand jobs in Canada. 

Are you a healthcare professional? You can work in Canadian hospitals,

healthcare centres, and also in academic training and research facilities 

and earn an average annual salary of $83,163, and visa sponsorship.

See thousands of healthcare jobs for foreigners at, which is a special website for healthcare jobs in Canada.

2. Accounting. 

Besides healthcare workers, accountants are also consistently in-demand experts in Canada. 

If you have accounting skills or formal knowledge of accounting, 

with a degree or higher diploma, many Canadian companies would hire you to manage their finances 

and would pay you an average annual salary of about $63,163 plus visa sponsorship.

You can check recruitment firms, job descriptions and application processes for accounting jobs in Canada on sites like

3. Assistant Nurse

Almost every year, the demand for assistant nurses in Canada rises by almost double, with about 23,700 job vacancies in 2024. 

Because of this rising need for nursing experts to support the doctors, several health facilities in Canada are eager to hire foreign nursing professionals supported with visa sponsorships and a good salary. 

In Canada, assistant nurses may work in hospitals, nursing homes, at-home hospices, 

and numerous other places with an average annual salary of $46,401. 

You can find assistant nurse jobs via, and LinkedIn

4. Administrative Assistant Job. 

Do you have administrative skills that you can use to provide organizational support to businesses and organizations across various industries? 

If yes, you can work as an administrative assistant in Canada. 

Thousands of companies and institutions in Canada are looking for foreigners who can help them maintain filing systems, 

handle emails and phone calls, schedule appointments and travels, and manage calendars. 

Interestingly, there is visa sponsorship for this job and the average annual salary is $50,179. 

Visit Global Hire or to see available job openings. 

5. Web Developer Job. 

Web Developer Job Skilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

With the rising role of Information technology (IT) in society, web developers are one of the skilled workers that are needed in almost every sector,

 for design/building and maintenance of websites for individuals and businesses. 

If you can help businesses build and strengthen their online presence, then, 

you stand a high chance of getting visa sponsorship to work in Canada as a web developer and earning an average annual salary of $66,946. 

Go ahead and see some good web designer job offers at

6. Human Resources Manager. 

Sourcing for talents or best candidates for various roles across different industries is no easy job but this is what a Human Resources Manager does. 

Many companies in Canada look out for professional human resource personnel to help them source and employ the best hands. 

As a human resources manager in Canada, you would serve as a liaison officer between a company in Canada and its employees. 

To qualify for this role, however, besides holding a degree or diploma in Human Resource Management, you are required to be kind and compassionate. 

When you’re hired for the role, you’d migrate to Canada with visa sponsorship to earn an average annual salary of $65,946. 

There are numerous vacancies for foreign human resource managers in Canada. 

You can check job openings on Canadian Job Bank.

7. Pharmacists. 

People with degrees in Pharmacy, just like nurses and other healthcare workers, are always in high demand in Canada. 

This is because they play essential roles in keeping people healthy through drug dispensation and sometimes, medical prescriptions. 

With your Pharmacy skills and Pharmaceutical degree, you may get a job easily in Canada to render Pharmaceutical services.

 Most times, the hiring company handles most of the relocation expenses to Canada together with visa sponsorship.

 There are many job openings for this profession in Canada and the average annual salary is $84,859. 

Check for current jobs. 

8. Customer Service Representative. 

The role of a customer service representative cannot be overemphasized.

  This is because the success or rise and fall of every business depends on the customers. 

The owner or manager of a business or company might not be available most times to attend to customers and might not have what it takes to attend to customers the proper way. 

This is where the customer service representative job comes in.

Customer service representatives are relationship builders and conflict managers 

who can keep both the customers and organizations satisfied and happy thereby maintaining or improving the company’s income. 

There is a high demand for such professionals in almost every sector in Canada. 

In Canada, customer service representatives can work in almost all industries including finance, IT, retail, healthcare, education, transportation, security, and brokerage, among others, 

interacting with people, answering queries, resolving complaints, maintaining records, and helping customers in diverse ways.

With your skills or certificate, many employers in Canada are ready to sponsor your visa

 and pay you an average annual salary of $44,246 to work in their companies as a customer care representative.

 Check Global Hire for the latest jobs. 

9. Data Analyst. 

Considering how digital the world has become, data analysts have become very important these days. 

If you are a certified data analyst, you are one of the lucky foreigners who can migrate to Canada through visa sponsorship and earn a decent salary. 

With your data analytics skills, you can work for financial institutions, 

marketing agencies, insurance companies, and other firms and earn an average annual salary of $70,150.

10. Supply Chain Management. 

Many companies in Canada are looking for someone who can manage their supply chain, 

from purchasing raw materials to production, and then storage and distribution. 

 Can you do these? If yes, you could migrate to Canada at the expense of your employers (Visa sponsorship), 

and earn an average annual salary of $85,338. You can get a supply chain management job at


After reading through this, I hope you would make a favourable choice from my list of top 10 skilled jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

 I wish you the best of luck, even as you try. 

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