Easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada from South Africa ( Budget-Friendly)

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, as a South African, please, suspend whatever else you’re doing and read this article carefully to the end. 

Canada is a beautiful country filled with numerous opportunities for a better life for locals and foreigners like you, from South Africa. 

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada from South Africa, some of which are easier than others. 

Sadly, many South Africans do not know these easy or easiest ways to relocate from South Africa to Canada.

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 That’s why I put together this article to show you the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada from South Africa.  

Also, I briefly touch on the basic criteria for qualifying for these easy immigration pathways, the costs, and a few other things you should know. 

I hope you find the best option for you from the 9 options I share in this article! 

Immigrate to Canada from South Africa Pathways.  

Immigrate to Canada from South Africa Pathways

1. Express Entry.

The first option is the express entry option. Express entry is perhaps the surest and easiest way to immigrate to Canada from the South. 

The express entry option is a provision of the Canadian government whereby it welcomes about 100,000 – 200, 000 immigrants yearly to complement its workforce and help grow the Canadian economy in exchange for Canadian residency.

You can immigrate to Canada using the express entry option and secure a Canadian permanent residency (PR) even when you do not hold a Canadian job offer, study permit, or business connection. 

Taking this route requires that you have sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses and cater for yourself or your family when you get to Canada. 

Presently, the cost of relocating to Canada from South Africa as an individual using the express entry system is between ZAR 23k and ZAR 25k (i.e., CAD $1, 678.19 – CAD $1,824.11). For a family of 4, you need ZAR 50k – ZAR 60 (i.e., CAD $3,659.75 – CAD $4,391.70). 

If the above figures fall within your financial strength and budget, then, you are set to immigrate via express entry, if you meet other provisions stated on the Canada express entry immigration website. 

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2. Business Immigration Program. 

Besides the express entry option, the next surest option you have as a South African who is financially capable, of immigrating legally to Canada, is the business immigration option. 

Canada welcomes immigrants who intend to do business in the country. 

If you opt for this category, having qualified for it, you have a higher chance of immigrating to Canada. 

This is because Canada greatly values your intent of establishing a business in the country because of the value it would bring to the Canadian economy through employment creation, revenue generation for the government (i.e., payment of taxes), and knowledge/skill transfer. 

These contribute immensely to improving the Canadian economy for which reason the Canadian government is more than willing to accept you into their country. 

Also, you can qualify for this immigration option without establishing a business in Canada but rather by investing in already existing and thriving or struggling businesses in Canada.

All you need to do is research the businesses in Canada that are doing well or ailing and invest in them, 

through the Canadian Business Immigration Program to gain entry into Canada with a permanent residency assured.

3. Study Permit. 

Canadian education institutions, particularly the Canadian tertiary educational institutions, are among the best in the world. 

As a South African, you can choose to study in Canada which would grant you a study permit allowing you to immigrate to Canada. 

As a potential student in Canada, you are granted a visitor’s visa, and in most cases, an electronic travel authorization (eTa), with a study permit. 

Possibly, after completing your studies, you can proceed to work in Canada or get a postgraduate work visa either of which could secure you permanent residency in Canada. 

This is because as a student or postgraduate you have a better chance of transitioning your visitor’s status into a Canadian permanent residence status, compared to other immigrants with other types of visitors’ visas.

4. Work Permit. 

Many new job opportunities emerge in Canada regularly requiring the services of different professionals, and skilled and unskilled workers to complement the Canadian workforce. 

You can get a Canadian work permit which can help you in future to secure permanent residency in Canada. 

You can search for and apply to jobs in Canada that match your interest and qualifications on sites like the Job Bank, LinkedIn, Indeed, or another job site.

 These international job boards list both skilled and unskilled jobs and employment offers for different academic qualifications.

If you are hired by any of the companies in Canada, you’d apply for a Canadian work permit which would allow you to immigrate to and work in Canada. 

Sometimes, employers process the work permits and visas for their new immigrant employees. 

Through this method, you could become a Canadian citizen through Canadian permanent residency after a few years thus allowing you to live permanently in Canada. 

5. Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 

This program is an employment offer but unlike the traditional employment offer where you can stay for longer periods in Canada, you can only work and stay in Canada for a short period.

So, it offers you temporary employment and residency status in Canada, because the jobs offered are short-term contracts.

 However, when you complete your contract and you are law-abiding and compliant with the Canadian system, it is possible to work your status from temporary residency to permanent residency status. 

With your permanent residency status, you can apply for other jobs with longer employment timeframes, start a business, or study in Canada. 

6. Family Sponsorship Program. 

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members from their home country, like South Africa, or across the world to live with them in Canada, permanently, having met the conditions. 

This program is known as the “Family Reunification and Sponsorship program”. 

This program has been proven as one the fastest and easiest ways to migrate to Canada from South Africa with over 100,000 permanent residents/immigrations processed yearly. 

So, if you have a family member or spouse/partner who is either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada and would cover your basic expenses, you may try this option as it may be your surest way to immigrate to Canada from South Africa. 

7. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 

source; isaglobal.in/

Provincial nominee programs may be best for you if you have either visited or studied in Canada. 

Even if you’ve not visited or studied in Canada, you can still qualify for a provincial nominee program by applying directly to the province you wish to stay and work.

There are numerous Provincial nominee programs in Canada and you can use any of them to emigrate from South Africa to Canada to live permanently in the Canadian province.

To qualify for this offer, you should have a valid work permit, and the required educational qualifications, skills, and experience for each of the province’s in-demand jobs. 

Also, you should be proficient in the English language and French language, and have a good amount of money for relocation and other expenses. 

Most importantly, when applying to a province for a provincial nominee program, you must state your intentions clearly to live permanently in your chosen province.

8. Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds.

This offer is available for potential immigrants who do not have the requirements to gain a Canadian visa.

 If you are in this category, you can apply to the Canadian Immigration Service stating your interest and intent in living and working in Canada as a humanitarian.

 You might be lucky to be considered for the offer. 

9. Refugee and Asylum. 

If you are embattled and planning to flee your country, could be for fear of persecution, or threat to life, one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada from South Africa is to be granted asylum by the Canadian government.

If you are granted asylum in Canada, you will be given refugee status and allowed to live permanently in Canada.

 In this case, you will make a claim for refugee protection at any airport, seaport, or land border of entry when you arrive in Canada, 

fill and leave a form with the personnel of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and follow other protocols directed by the officials.


Just as promised, this article has provided vital information to help you emigrate with ease from South Africa to Canada. 

This was possible through gathering information from various reputable Canadian sources and from testimonies of successful immigrants. 

I hope you use this information to your advantage to advance your immigration to Canada from South Africa.

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